VI Braga Guitar Festival


Xavier Díaz-Latorre

Jeremy Jouve

Pedro Caldeira Cabral – Trio

Arsis Duo

Bruskers Duo

Gomziakov/Barceló – Duo

Pavel Steidl

Barrios Quartet


Concerto 1

Jeremy Jouve

Concerto 1

Pavel Steidl

Concerto 1

Eugénio Polacchini


The Guitar in Brazil – From Marginality to Academy
by: Héder Dias

The Portuguese Cittern – From the Renaissance Origins  to the Present Days
by: Pedro Caldeira Cabral

Other activities

A Guitarra sai à rua

Consecutive concerts series by students of the guitar classes of the invited Minho Artistic Schools of Music.
Wednesday | 6 March | 14h00 – 21h00
Centro Comercial Nova Arcada

Training Action (Credited / Short Duration)

Key Elements of Musical Direction
Director: Charles Roussin

1st Braga Internacional Competition for Classical Guitar

National and International Categories Competition