Barrios Quartet


“Tempi moderni“


This programme focuses on the modern – meaning fresh and innovative – sounds of the early Baroque era and of the 2oth Century. We want to capture the spirit of new vision and fresh creativity of these times and to explore how musical styles of distant eras meet, intermingle, and influence each other. We aim to create a setting of exciting musical contrasts.

Barrios Guitar Quartet was founded in 1996. With their CD recordings and music videos, the four musicians made a name for themselves internationally. In December 2o18, the radio station Hessischer Rundfunk dedicated one-hour portrait to them, featuring the new CD „tempi moderni“ and the new quartet line up with Eugen Drabynka, Stefan Hladek, Martin Wentzel and Kalin Yanchev.

BGQ has been a guest at major concert series and festivals such as Weilburger Schloss Konzerte, Rheingau Musik Festival, Schleswig-Holstein Musik Festival, Kurt Weill Fest Dessau, Darmstadt International Guitar Festival, International Festival »Guitar and Nature« Erlbach etc.

The quartet stands for a repertoire off the mainstream. Their extensive instrumentation with baroque guitars, Quintbass, percussions, and courage in exceeding stylistic boundaries allows the players to enter new dimensions of guitar music. This results in extraordinary, innovative arrangements that make the concert programs of the quartet so unique and unmistakable.

”a major voice in the world of guitar ensembles”

William Kanengiser (Los Angeles Guitar Quartet)